Some good news

A bit of success. I seem to have found a contract. At least, it was offered to me verbally last week, though they are slow with the written contract.

I went for an interview for a short contract with an accounting firm Wednesday. I felt fairly good going in, despite it being early for my current habits, 10 am, and despite having to slog through heavy snow and whistling wind to get down to the subway.

I am trying to work out what made the interview better, and it’s not as easy as just saying I had better answers. I didn’t. I did establish a good dialogue with a very scared younger part first. Basically reassuring and adult every step of the way. For example, that part was distressed by the snow and wind, so I reassured that we’d be fine and could warm up in the subway. And other messages such as that I’d take care of the interview (the adult) and there was no danger.

So I felt a layer of peacefulness about the situation. I was still a bit nervous, but it wasn’t as desperate as before. The manager and I then had a conversation about what she wants to do, and it didn’t feel as if she was interrogating me. I was able to summon up some anecdotes showing how, um, fantastic I am at the very skills she is looking for.

Part of it is likely just a pretty good match of personalities….She seemed to like me, and it made me feel more relaxed. She is a young person, from an Asian background but likely born in this country. I felt the conversation was good, calm and positive.

The agency phoned me that afternoon to offer me the contract.

I am very relieved to have work, even just for a few months. I’m also relieved because I can see I was able to pull my interviewing together. It’s not like some contracts I was offered where there essentially wasn’t an interview. I can see I managed the situation well.

Of course, now I’m also mentally going over all the things that have gone wrong for me with bosses. I’m hoping they won’t go wrong this time. I will be doing my very best to see that they don’t, including talking about these issues in therapy. It’s just really really time I had a decent work experience.

  1. Wonderful news! I’m really glad to read this. I hope in the coming weeks I’ll be reading about how this boss is much better than your previous ones and that you are having a decent experience at work. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you…

    • Ellen said:

      Thanks Q. I’m busy visualizing that good experience. 😉

  2. DV said:

    Excellent. I’m glad the interview itself felt better as well.

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