Home alone on a Saturday night. Ugh.

I worry that I have offended my main friend that I spend time with. She has not called me, and when I call her, she’s very fast to get off the phone. We used to spend some time together weekends, but not for the last three weeks. Maybe my life has gotten too depressing for her to deal with. No job, no date, sick…She does disappear when things get difficult. I worry I’ve been too pathetic and clingy. I’ve decided to give her space and wait for her to call me at some point.

This is making me more lonely than usual. I’m also still recovering from this flu. Still coughing a bit, congested, and I have that post flu fatigue that is dragging me down. So I’ve not been going out to things I was going to, like the movie group or the 12 step group. I feel too tired when it’s time to leave for these, but then I feel lonely later.

I’m still going to therapy. I feel like I’m paying for a friend sometimes. Quite an expensive friend. I just have to have someone to listen and provide some caring, if only for fifty minutes a week.

I went for a job interview for a full time role Friday that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I guess I appeared sick, for one thing. My voice was very hoarse, and I did cough a few times. They remarked on it several times.

I was interviewed by three directors for a bank. It was technically the second interview, because I’d missed the first with the hiring manager because I was sick. They were bending over backwards to have me come in though, so I appreciate that. Just, it was very formal, and I got asked questions I wasn’t sure how to answer, though I did say things.

It would be great to move to full time from this contracting. I can’t keep interviewing every three months, looking and looking. So I’m disappointed the interview didn’t go better.

Therapy was Thursday, and I told Ron I didn’t want to be triggered as I sometimes am, because I needed to be able to pull myself together for the interview the next day. Ron was agreeable, though it’s hard to tell sometimes what is really going to hit me after a session.

The main topics Thursday were – mother, who called me, and how we ‘don’t get along’. She doesn’t speak really, and doesn’t listen or respond to things I say, so I’m reluctant to tell her anything much. My worries about my friend. How I must be pushing people away, to be alone like this, but I don’t know what I’m doing. And what it was that caused the last boss to fire me so fast, what I did to contribute. How I wished Ron could be present for some of these situations, because I can’t tell him what I don’t know. I don’t know what goes wrong.

On the boss question, Ron said that from his knowledge of human nature, sometimes people will be disturbed by and push away someone who is vulnerable. And in my case, she went beyond pushing me away, and also wanted to ensure she hurt me.

Could be. I really don’t know what it was. It’s kind of painful to think I appear in public as so very vulnerable.

We also talked about fear. Sometimes lately I’ve found myself full of fear. I started to feel this towards the end of this session, and remarked that it would be preferable not to have to leave feeling like that.

Ron asked what the fear was about. I didn’t know, but felt maybe it’s about being rejected by everyone in the world. He said he didn’t think he was rejecting me. Which was true enough, he wasn’t. He suggested maybe it’s an inner part that is afraid and that I’m punishing. I could let it be OK to be afraid. That actually seemed to be kind of true, true in the way that some things just resonate. A part of me that wasn’t being heard was afraid.

So I left. I felt upset about some of things discussed, but was better Friday. I can’t blame the unsuccessful interview on being too close to a therapy session.


  1. DV said:

    That sounds so frustrating not being able to tell what it is that is making people pull away from you, and whether it is something you are doing or just coincidence. It’s unnerving how different other people’s views of us are compared with how we see ourselves sometimes, too. I’ve been told a few times that what feels to me like being quiet and reserved and slow to warm up to people especially in groups comes across to other people as being stand-offish and acting like I think I’m better than them – that kind of hurts because I’m standing there thinking “well it’s better than being all in people’s faces and having them roll their eyes because they think I’m trying to be the centre of attention”. IT feels like you can’t win. Is there anyone who is kind and trustworthy you can ask about how you are perceived by others?

    • Ellen said:

      Sorry for delay in responding. I really relate to the feeling that people are jumping to conclusions about me very often. I’m not sure in my case what it is exactly – I think it’s maybe anxiety that they see at times. There really isn’t anyone I can ask, though that would be ideal. Not anyone who I feel is balanced enough to be able to tell me anything useful. Ron could, but he doesn’t see me in these situations, of course. Thanks

  2. Hi Ellen. I’m sorry the interview didn’t go well. It’s hard to be on our game when we aren’t feeling well. It would be really nice for you to have something full time. Even better, I hope you that you find something full time and the employees there are people you enjoy being around.

    I hate when I’m not feeling well so I miss out on social events and then later I feel sad that I missed it and lonely. That’s really a tough spot to be in when you aren’t feeling your best and so lack the energy to go out. I hope that you feel better really soon. 💕

    • Ellen said:

      Hi Alice – Sorry for the delay. Yes, being around people I enjoy and vice versa is like a distant dream. I am just starting to feel more energetic again. As i live alone, being sick has meant almost no contact with any living thing. I’m not cut out for that, it’s so hard. Anyway, better now. Thanks

      • I’m glad you are finally feeling better! Hopefully you’ve been able to get out a bit. 💟

  3. I’m sorry the interview did not go to plan. But it sounds like therapy was good this week. happy to hear that. x

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