Oil and vinegar

cookingWe bought these new bottles for oil and vinegar that let you drizzle the oil….it’s so I eat more salad, but anyway. They’ve sat on my counter for a week until finally I felt like filling them with oil and vinegar. Because Ron replied to my email so I felt better so I started pouring. The oil is in a big bottle it’s olive oil and I pour so slowly, and it’s pretty, it’s pouring in, then I think, maybe it’s enough so I stop but, then, what happens is the oil spills over the side of the bottle

You stupid bitch!

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to I was trying….

Wait, OK. It’s fine. It’s OK. We’re trying something different, pouring, no one is perfect at everything all the time. It’s fine. See, we can wipe it off. Looks like we need a bit more.

Oh, OK. I am so sad I spilled the oil but anyway. We can pour a bit more OK. So I start pouring some more, and it’s a pretty good feeling, and we get it filled pretty full, and then stop, and it spills a bit again, but it’s OK because we can wipe the bottle with some dish soap so it’s good.

So then I do the vinegar bottle too. It doesn’t spill because maybe I’ve gotten better with the pouring or maybe vinegar isn’t as spilly. So now we have oil and we have vinegar and we can drizzle it and we can eat lots of salad!

Your friend Ellen

Art: Robert Wagt

  1. weareonebyruth said:

    Trying something new isn’t easy at first. I assure the students at school the same thing when they try to fill the glue bottles. The thickness of the liquid makes it trickier to pour. Good for you to recognize that what ever was spilled can be cleaned up. Hugs. Ruth

    • Ellen said:

      It’s not easy. Glue is more tough because then it is sticky. Your friend Ellen

  2. Tilda said:

    😆 Loved this, it sounds just like me!
    And I keep meaning to get one of those bottles for my oil. I’ll keep this post in mind when I buy one.
    Happy salad eating!

    • Ellen said:

      He He. Yes I hope you remember me when you buy a bottle for oil. Mine makes for good pouring we used it today. It doesn’t spill at all. Your friend Ellen

  3. Gel said:

    Hi Ellen,
    So you like oil and vinegar?…me too. Spills happen. It’s OK. Glad you found out how to clean up. You tried again. Good for you dear.

    What do you like in you salad? I like bok choi and lettuce and hearts of celery. But other times I like other things.


    • Ellen said:

      I don’t like salad too much but my mom likes it. I had apples in salad one time I liked that. Your friend Ellen

  4. kp said:

    Oh man, I can relate…I have a very nasty voice who talks to me like I never talked to my children. Good for you for moving through it and finding the “good mom” voice and using it on yourself. Kim

    • Ellen said:

      First job is finding the critic and noticing isn’t it. I’m noticing it a lot more now than I used to. Thank you Kim

  5. Cat said:

    Yes, I relate to that inner critic.. awareness is good

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