The kid

thetigerwhocametoteaOK, I feel sad. Sad sad sad. I don’t want to do anything. Sad. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to read. I don’t want to watch TV. Nothing.

I like my stuffed animals. They are Amanda the owl. Rufus the dog. He is a corgy I think. Chuckles he is a Panda he is very fat like a ball.There is dragon. Dragon has a shiny gold stomach and also he has golden wings. They are my friends.

Ron is my friend but he is not here. He is in his office. Or in his house. Or somewhere else.

I still feel sad. I wish someone was here besides me. Anyhow.

It is cold outside we don’t go out much. We stay inside. I like to go outside though.

OK, if there was a tiger, and he came to tea, I would like that! If he didn’t eat me and if he didn’t eat anybody else. Of course. We would have fun and we would tell jokes and we would giggle a lot.

Your friend Ellen

Art: Illustration from The Tiger who came to Tea, by Judith Kerr. Found here: Emily Rose Clifton

  1. I think lunch with a tiger sounds lovely. I am sorry you feel so sad.

    • Ellen said:

      Yes it would be great. Thanks Ruth. I feel better today anyhow. Your friend Ellen

  2. I wonder what kind of sandwiches a tiger might like? Perhaps cucumber?

    • Ellen said:

      Perhaps. Perhaps….roast beef, or bison, or lion, or mouse…..Bye onebraveduck

  3. Gel said:

    Nice to hear from you!
    I used to have a bunch of stuffed animals and each had names too. It’s a really good feeling to have a big family of animals….fun, and comforting.

    Have ever built a fort in the living room? You get some chairs and arrange them kin a circle and then cover them with sheets or a blanket. It’s fun to mess around with the arrangement so you can have hidden enterances and maybe peaking windows. Inside you can put what ever you like, your special things. Maybe the tiger would join you in there for tea. Maybe all your stuffed animals could be in there……I wonder what you’d do in your special fort.


    • Ellen said:

      It is fun for me also but I wish I also had chickens or I wish I had a real dog. I have never built a fort. I would like to build one. When we were small we built snow forts though. Tigers might like forts or they might not like them I don’t know about that. Your friend Ellen. Thank you. Gel.

  4. Cat said:

    *roars like a lion* What temp is it where you are?

    • Ellen said:

      Ha ha ha. ROAR! like tigers! It was minus 30 with wind chill. Today is better though. Your friend Ellen

      • Cat said:

        jeee that’s cold. The UK has been very mild for this time of year. It’s been fluctuating between 8 & 10oC

        • Ellen said:

          You’re in the topics then…

  5. kp said:

    I love the idea of building a fort and sitting in it with my stuffed animals….I used to do that with my kids…and as a kid. Winter is a tough time of year..the dark and the cold force us inside, and into isolation. Thinking of you with your Tiger having tea in your living room fort surrounded by your stuffed friends!! Virtual hugs from Kim

    • Ellen said:

      Yes it would be nice. My animals keep me company all the time when I”m at home. Thanks Your friend Ellen

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