The hospital

Today we were in therapy and it was OK because I got to talk. One time I thought I was still in hospital and I didn’t like it there. But I liked the bed with the button so your head moved. But it was still bad. There was a girl in another bed she had a sore leg. It would never get better she had it since she was little. Anyway. She used to be in a hospital for kids.

Then Arnold was there too but he was in my bag he was so lonely there. He is my dog. He is a toy dog but he is really real. Anyway.

I dreamed Ron came to visit me in the hospital. I was scared and he held my hand. But in real life he visited me in the hospital when I was there but he didn’t hold my hand he had on a leather jacket though.

In hospital you get lots of pills. And then people they are doctors they put you to sleep and then they cut you open and then they sew you back shut again. It doesn’t hurt that much but then you feel tired and you feel sore and you feel scared. But people come to visit also.

Do you like the hospital.

Your friend Ellen

  1. Gel said:

    Hi Ellen,
    It’s good to hear from you.
    I don’t like the smell of hospitals. I have mixed feelings and memories about hospitals so it’s hard to say if I like them or not.
    I didn’t know you have a dog. What does he look like?
    That’s all for now. i’m not feeling very talkative.

    • Ellen said:

      Hi Gel – He is small and he has brown fur and black fur on his back. He is my friend and we sleep together. He is a toy dog I guess but he is really real. Sometimes I don’t feel talkative. Your friend Ellen

  2. Hi Ellen,
    Hospitals can be very nice sometimes because people care and they take care of you. My wife’s mother has been going to the hospital sometimes and we go with her. I like the cafeteria, I go and eat chicken or turkey and sometimes listen to music on my head phones.

    Thanks for talking to me.


    • Ellen said:

      Hi Aaron, I like chicken and turkey is OK but I don’t like it as much. I wish I had a real dog like you. Hospitals can be good too. I am happy I am talking with you. Your friend Ellen

  3. I figure hospitals are helpful when you need to be sewn up or fixed. Not my favor place but I am thankful doctors can fix me when I am not feeling well. Glad to hear your dog could some with you. That makes a difference.

    • Ellen said:

      Hi Ruth, I am glad doctors can fix me too. My dog’s name is Arnold. Do you have a real dog? Your friend Ellen

      • weareonebyruth said:

        Yes I have a real dog, Terra. She was not allowed to come to the hospital but she’ll next to me on my bad days. Friends, Ruth

        • Ellen said:

          You are so lucky Ruth. Your friend Ellen

  4. Cat said:

    I don’t deal too well with hospitals, particularly the Psychiatric; an old sanatorium which stinks heavily of disinfectant. I would hate to be an in-patient anywhere as it would mean my babies (2 x 15yr old cats and Jack the dog) would miss me, I imagine they might die from the trauma of not having me “serve” them

    • Ellen said:

      Hospitals do have such strong unpleasant smells don’t they. I would not like psychiatric either, I’m sure, even less than surgical. I can see you need to stay home with the ‘kids’. Thanks

  5. Cat said:

    My ‘kids’probably mean tooooo much. I make a rod for my own back – they truly rule the roost. BTW my cats are 14 not 15

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