2012 was interesting

birchHere are some things that happened to me in 2012.

1. I got cancer. Well, it was diagnosed in any case.

2. I learned a lot about cancer.

3. I felt a lot of feelings about having cancer.

Um, OK, moving on to other subjects. This all happened in December after all.

4. I made two new friends, and now possibly another friend. Which is moving in the right direction of more contact with people. That I like.

5. I went from feeling threatened by my group therapy to finding the group a source of support in my life. A huge change. And I now like everyone in it, with one person more neutral, and no dislikes whatsoever. Yay.

6. Therapy started helping me relate to other people. I have more of a clue as to what people may be going through. I learned to tolerate more uncomfortable feelings when feeling threatened, without retaliating.

7. I bought a new bed and mattress, which I’d been wanting to do for years. Not so difficult. Now in 2013 I need to get a couch.

8. I suffered three months of nausea and then discovered it was probably caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency problem. Supplementation more or less cured it. I think. It got better, that is for sure.

8. I skipped a big family deal – Christmas dinner. It was fine and a relief.

9. I took a stab at creative writing by taking a course and found I too can make things up. Something to perhaps explore further.

10. I switched over to WordPress, thus meeting a whole new set of bloggy friends while keeping some great bloggy pals from blogger. Love WordPress platform so much more than blogger.

Wishing you all health and happiness for 2013!


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