I have had a strange experience the last few weeks. I’d been getting more and more nauseous. It started in August, where I’d just be faintly queasy mornings and evenings. It felt like I was reacting to meds, so I eliminated Claritin and supplements. Helped a tiny bit, then not. I kept getting more nauseous. By last week, I was queasy all the time.

Because I’ve had some digestive issues and have to go for a test, in the background, I’m thinking, oh no, I’m really sick.

Now I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to something in my apartment. It got worse when it got cooler and I started keeping windows closed. Then when I stayed home all day for a week with a cold, it got severe.

Since thinking of this on the weekend, I’ve plugged in an air purifier that I’ve had for a while. It’s tiny, so I kind of move around with it and point it at myself wherever I go in the apartment. Plus all my windows are open a bit, even though it’s chilly.

Sure enough, my symptoms have subsided, thought they’re not completely gone.

I don’t have cancer. I’m allergic to my apartment.


My landlady, who lives in the apartment below me, has kindly agreed to stop using air freshener, which she loves. Could it be the accumulated chemical fumes of cheap air freshener, seeping through the ceiling? Is it some hidden black mold behind the walls of my bathroom? I don’t know how to find out.

Meanwhile, I’m going to buy a huge air purifier, if I can find someone to help me carry it into my place.

It is such a relieve not to be nauseous, and to be rid of the metal taste that was flooding my mouth. And not to be dying, that’s good also.

Life is strange sometimes.

  1. Ruth said:

    How frustrating. Out of curiosity I plugged in your description on google, came up with a whopping 114 possibilities. It would be so nice, on occasion, for the body would just print out a list of problems and announces. Instead we play a crazy guessing game while trying to eliminate the problem.

    • Ellen said:

      He he. I’d like a print out. Google will scare the living daylights out of you sometimes. Thanks for checking it for me Ruth!

  2. How awful. I am also very sensitive to chemical sprays — air fresheners, cleaning products, even some perfumes. I don’t get nauseous, but my face gets numb and i lose all sensation in my mouth. It’s quite scary. Hope the new air purifier works!

    • Ellen said:

      Hmmm…one of my symptoms is a prickly fat tongue….I now own two new air purifiers, neither of which is right. Did online research after buying in haste. Sigh. I wonder if I”m getting more allergic to things with age? Thanks Catherine

  3. Bourbon said:

    I too hope the new purifier works. I know allergies very well. Where I live in a cooped up small flat with animals that I am actually allergic to… I suffer lots. I never even thought of getting an air purifier though, good idea! xox

    • Ellen said:

      An air purifier might help Bourbon, especially for pet allergies because I believe those particles are quite easy to trap. Thanks for commenting

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