Unsent email

Why Ron didn’t you reply to my two emails??? I sent them to you. I thought you liked to reply to emails I send. OK, it wasn’t me it was my Mom but I was there too. Now I don’t know what to do. I cry. I rock in my rocking chair which doesn’t rock very much. I have a red blanket.

Because Ron I’m nice and you should answer when I write to you.

What if you’re not alive? Or what if you’re sick? Or too busy for me? Or what if you don’t like me anymore??

I’m sorry for whatever I did or my mom did and we are sorry.

I am going to bed. Under lots of blankets. Maybe you will answer by the morning time. Or I will get up at night and I will start the computer and I will look to see in case you wrote to me late at night. Because I’m nice and I write to you and I hope you write back to me.

Your friend Ellen

  1. hello little ellen. does your mom have netflix? there are some good movies for kids on there. hope you feel better in the morning, c.

    • Ellen said:

      No we don’t have it. We have Gulliver’s Travels from the library but I was too tired to watch it. Your friend Ellen

  2. Hi Kid, Adult time isn’t much fun. I like onebraveducks suggestion. Sleep is good too. Take care, Ruth

    • Ellen said:

      I had a good sleep because Ron wrote me an email. Your friend Ellen

  3. attached said:

    (((Ellen and little)))
    I hope Ron has answered by the morning too.

    • Ellen said:

      Thank you Di. He got back to me and the chaos subsided.

  4. Hi Ellen. There is NOTHING wrong with you. You are absolutely perfect as you are, whether you realize this or not.

    And someday, I think you will realize this. Best to you, I continue to read and listen and learn from your experience.


    • Ellen said:

      Thank you Aaron. This was definitely a low self-esteem moment. I’m glad you’re here kindly reading along.

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