The park

I’ve been listening more to other parts of myself, trying to do more of what they want. This afternoon I went off to the park for a walk. First to the cafe by the park to sit in the shade and sip a latte. Then for a walk. It was really good to do that. At the half way point I laid down on a hill under a Maple tree and read my book in the sun. It’s a mystery from Iceland and it is OK.

I forgot my camera in the car so I don’t have a picture to show. But it was a nice two hours spent soaking up the last of the summer’s sunshine.

The parts that want stuff like that do make their wishes known if I listen. And then I get to feel happy for a while, because they got what they wanted for a change.

  1. Penney Knightly said:

    It’s good that you are able to do that for yourself. It sounds soothing and de-stressing. I was thinking of doing something similar with my day tomorrow. I live about a mile away from the ocean, and I just don’t visit it enough.

    • Ellen said:

      Hope you got to the ocean Penney – it sounds lovely. Yes, I’m planning more kid type outings for the fall for sure. Thanks!

  2. Bourbon said:

    That sounds wonderful. We all went on a walk on Sunday and it really helped as it got some insiders out doing something fun. Things are so much easier inside when the happiness gets spread around, right? xx

    • Ellen said:

      Yes they are easier. I’m trying to listen more to the other parts of myself – it makes a huge difference. Glad you got out also! take care

  3. Interesting…this was the first post where I got the sense that you’ve been in a sense actively denying your parts things that make them happy. Not sure if it’s because they are mostly young and it wouldn’t be practical, or if there is a reluctance to really let them have their “voice” in your life–it’s as if you see your parts as an intrusion on your adult life while also kind of cherishing them in a way (sometimes it seems you are protective of them at the same time).

    I wonder if you could perhaps begin to see them more as allies helping you to get where you need to go…?

    • Ellen said:

      This is difficult to answer actually. I think it’s more that I’m not listening very well. I’ve got the habit of blocking out those parts of myself, so they can be difficult to hear.

      Often times also, the wishes are not practical. For instance we walk through a mall, and the kid adores some brightly colored scarves, and sparkly things….if I bought them, I wouldn’t wear them.

      Believe me, traumatized kid parts are an intrusion on adult life. However, that’s my situation and I need to deal with it. I do believe these parts are a key to healing, so I’m doing my best to pay attention.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment – made me think.

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