Getting ready to go to group and I am scared sh**less. Sigh. I take an extra dose of my 5HTP. I think it’s helping – making me the tiniest bit sleepy. I am going to say how I felt about E’s ‘diatribe’ from last week. And also how I felt about Ron not backing me up in any way.

I know I can do this. Just the prospect scares me. Even if I told myself I don’t have to say anything, I’d still be scared.

Whatever happens I can still come back here and describe it, and that thought is a comfort.

  1. (((Ellen)))thinking of you and amazed how brave you are.

  2. Ruth said:

    Going takes courage. You are awesome. Hugs to you.Ruth

  3. Ellen said:

    Thanks Di, Catherine, Ruth. đŸ™‚

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