Clothes for summer

Today I bought some clothes for summer. They’re OK. I no longer want to wear brights, for some reason, but there’s not much black in stores. And…I’ve gone down three pant sizes it seems. Must have been stopping wheat, which happened a year or two ago. A lot of weight from waist went.

I hate thinking about how I look. I start obsessing and it’s stupid. I look how I look. If I start comparing myself to all the women out there, I don’t come out so good. What is the point of doing that. I can try to make the best of what I was given, and then stop thinking about it.

Clothes shopping is an invitation to start obsessing. I tell ya. It can be fun, but mostly, it’s a road to problematic thoughts.

It occurs to me that I’ve once again spent some of my therapy posts obsessing about how Ron feels about me. It’s just what I have to do for now I think. There is no point beating myself up for it, it’s how my mind is working currently.

At the moment I rather think he likes me in fact. So that’s fine. Next time I see him, likely I’ll have different thoughts about this. I can just try to not take all that too too seriously.

  1. Laura said:

    wow – I wish I could magically lose weight.thoughts are not a problem, but withholding thoughts…. might be.

  2. Ruth said:

    If you are looking at a picture in a magazine remember that Photoshop works its magic changing a person completely sometimes. Airbrushing away weight is amazingly easy. Changing what you like to wear is ok. I get frustrated because it seems like what I like to wear is never in fashion.

  3. Ellen said:

    @ Laura – I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong actually. I've lost 20 lbs without trying, over two years. I feel OK though so hopefully it's fine. That's true about thoughts….Cheers@ Ruth – Shudder…I try not to look at magazines. Though TV and movies, I do watch, and of course the actors are selected for being the most attractive people imaginable. I'm just not that high on the 'babe' scale and never was. I have other good qualities though. Cheers

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