Why chocolate is better than soup

Because chocolate is better than soup. Because soup is not so great. It is green, and it should have vegetables but it doesn’t have so many vegetables at all, just carrots. Little pieces.

Chocolate is smooth. I have a tart. It is round with a pink heart drawn on the chocolate. The crust is crunchy and the chocolate is like muddy but sweet and at first we were just going to eat a piece but now I ate two pieces and maybe I will have the rest soon I don’t know.

So chocolate is better than soup.


Your friend,


  1. Ruth said:

    I love chocolate. Slides down so smooth. Makes me smile.

  2. Was there really any question that chocolate is WAY better than soup??!!!!

  3. Ellen said:

    Not for right thinking people clearly, NWNMG. I did laugh when I got your comment!JBR, we are both chocoholics for sure.

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