Things I Like
plum jam – good
hot cereal – warm
flowers – I like tulips
lipstick – red, pink
tea – warm with milk
stollen that is toasted
books that have pictures
friends – some of them

Things I Hate
missing people that are away
people who go on vacation
sad things
sour things like lemons
bananas that are brown
books with no pictures
work when it’s lonely
trying to do things that are too hard!
meat when it’s tough
people who think I’m weird

I wish Ron would not go away because I don’t like that. I like it when he is in his office. Where I know where he is. Where he gets my email in case I write to him. Because that’s what I like better than vacations.

Your friend Ellen

  1. Amanda said:

    For you, I wish that he would not go away as well and that he'd stay in his office.As a side note, I will have to try plum jam – I've never had it and it sounds delicious.Thinking of you

  2. Ellen said:

    Thanks Amanda. :-)I like St Dalfour Mirabelle Plum Spread. Both the kid and I like it. Delish

  3. I know how much you have become accustomed to Ron. Hope things work out ok. I love chocolate. A little too much. Safe hugs.

  4. Ellen said:

    Chocolate is excellent – I love it a little too much also. hugs

  5. I like all those things too. They are good things. I like lists too. and it is not fun when your Ron goes away. He will be back soon and you will feel better. Pan

  6. Ellen said:

    Hi Pan – They are definitely good things for me and for you also Pan. I'm happy you wrote to me. Your friend Ellen

  7. I'm happy too cos you are my friend

  8. Ellen said:

    Hi Pan – And you are my friend also. 🙂

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