I wish for anyone reading this a peaceful and contented Christmas, or other holiday…..I’m so happy you come by to just read, or to talk also….I hope you have good things to eat today and nice people to be with. Or if you are by yourself, I hope you are good company for yourself. And if there is music, I hope it is just the kind you most like. And the dessert is your favorite kind of dessert, and nice and sweet.

This morning I made apple pancakes for my ex husband and son. It was a nice relaxed brunch. We had a few presents too. And gathered around my Christmas vase of flowers. (It’s a big vase of flowers.)

I got some books of fairy stories and I read the Princess and the Pea. And also Country Mouse and City Mouse, which is my favorite so far.

Your friend, Ellen (kid) and Ellen (old(er))

  1. erin said:

    you make me smile))))i was mostly alone this year. i walked a trail in the snow along a river. i watched a crow as he swooped and tried to warn me away. i wouldn't listen. i am glad i didn't. christmas takes as many forms as there are people. and now for that happy new year:)xoerin

  2. Amanda said:

    this post of yours made me smile – there is such warmth in it … thank you for that. I hope you had a wonderful holiday also … books are such a wonderful thing to receive and am glad you got several! And may I just say that apple pancakes are a favorite of mine?!

  3. Thank you for this post Ellen. Needed to smile. And that is what is brought out in me. Safe hugs to you during this time.

  4. Em said:

    have a peaceful time ellen. reading is one of lifes pleasures, glad you received some books. xxx

  5. Ellen said:

    Glad I made you folks smile. :-)@ erin – Sometimes it's OK to be by yourself. I'm glad you didn't let the crow scare you! It is nice to hear about your day.@ Amanda – Well we'll get along really well then. I enjoyed the pancakes quite a bit more than the turkey from the night before. Books are a mainstay of my life. Nice to meet you on my blog!@JBR – I'm glad JBR. Hugs to you.@ Em – Books are excellent em. Merry Christmas to you also.

  6. Harriet said:

    It sounds like it was a lovely day, so peaceful. I hope you have many more of those in 2012.

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