I will tell you about things that are mine. Because I am alone and I am lonely though my mom is here I guess. So I have a teddy that my mom got a long time ago. He is white with black eyes and he looks cute but he also looks a little sad, like me. He stays on my pillows usually but now he is here by the computer.

And I have an owl. I got it a little while ago. Owl has brown hair and white hair and looks serious. He doesn’t have a mouth but he has a beak. And I have happy Tracey. She is a doll and she has long hair and she is so pretty. She stays on top of the fridge.

So today I went for a walk we went with E and it was OK. But she is not my friend she is my mom’s friend. So now it is windy and rainy and there is no one else here but I have my three friends, dolls and animals. And also I have crayons and a book for drawing. I wish I was a good drawer but maybe I will draw anyway because I like to do that sometimes.

I went to a group a while ago and there was this lady and she had such nice boots they were so cute. I liked those boots a lot. Maybe we will get boots also because I would like that. 

I hope whoever reads my story, you are doing well and things are good and you have people to be with you also. Bye.

  1. Candycan said:

    hiya! yesterday i did painting,. i painted santa. i could paint you a picture if you like? what shall i paint you? it's ok if you dont want me to.

  2. Ellen said:

    Hi Little C, Yes please I would like you to paint me a picture. 🙂 Could you paint an owl that is brown and white? With yellow eyes. Or else what things look like where you live. Or something else that is nice. I like to hear from you. Your friend, Ellen

  3. Candycan said:

    I paint you an owl with yellow and brown and fings. i try to do it tomorrow. i hope so. you nice

  4. Ellen said:

    Thanks JBR.Little C, that would be so nice. Any kind of owl. You are so nice for doing that. Are you the same person as Pan?Your friend, Ellen

  5. Candycan said:

    Hiya Ellen, Pan and Little C are not the same, but they do seem to be quite close to each other. Pan, as far as I can tell is a bit older (maybe 5-8, it's not very clear) whereas Little C is younger at possibly 3-5. Pan thinks he is a boy. He kinda knows he isn't but he gets annoyed about that fact! Little C is definitely a girl; a girly girl. There are other child parts too but I don't know them as well/tend to hide them and not want to think about them. Pan and Little C tend to do things together. Little C wants to paint the picture but I'm sure Pan will help and probably me too. We are co-conscious for the most part I think. C

  6. Ellen said:

    Interesting Candycan. I was wondering if Little C was a little younger than Pan seemed to be. So co-conscious means you are always there also when that part is speaking or doing something? That is the case with me always with parts. Thanks for explaining.

  7. Candycan said:

    Hi, Ellen. To quote: "What is Co-Consciousness?When two or more alters are aware of what is happening in the present, they are said to be co-conscious. When two or more alters share control over the body’s actions, they are said to be co-present.A person may have alters who are unaware of each other, alters who are always mutually aware of each other, and alters who are aware at some times but not others. Alters who are aware of the presence of other personalities know they are multiple, while alters who aren’t in contact with other personalities often firmly believe they are “the only one there.” An alter may even have a subset of multiple alters." I am not co conscious and there are parts who think they are the only ones. There are some parts I am co conscious with and others I'm not and it can change too. So I can sense a part or observe them but they could, at another time take over completely (I think). Little C, Pan and I have just finished your owl! I will try to get a photo of it and upload it for you! I think it looks great, if I do say so myself!

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