Kid email

The Kid
I am sad. Today was not fun for me. We worked from home. We didn’t do anything fun except we went to the library and got a book for me but I’m too sad to read the book.

I don’t like being sad. It is raining but I like the rain OK. I wish my mom wasn’t sad. I wish things were better and nicer here. Because things seem very gloomy. There is no one here and it is very lonely for me where did they go? I don’t like to be alone by myself like this. It is sad to be alone because I am little and I should be with people I think. But there isn’t anyone here at all. And so I am writing to you. Because I like to do that. My owl is sad too.
The only good thing is I am wearing a red top that I like because it is soft like velvet. Red is my favorite colour. It is a good colour. Do you like red?
I hope you are good and well whoever you are. Your friend Ellen

I’m also gloomy. I fell asleep after work then woke up, and that always puts me into a half alive state. I hate to sleep during the day.

The kid wrote this email to Ron but I’m not going to send it. I already sent him an email yesterday, so that’s enough for now unless I’m dying. I will write to you dear blog instead.

I need to eat supper but cannot get it together to warm anything up. Everything seems kind of disgusting and not worth the effort.

Usually the kid is cheerful even if I’m not, but not this time I guess. I’ll just let the sadness of the rain wash over us.

  1. erin said:

    you two hurt my heart and remind me how dear we should all be to one another. we're all alone. we're all together.i like red an awful lot:) and owls. i like owls too.xoerin

  2. Paula said:

    Oh yes, there are such days. I do not like them either. All is grey and lonely. No one to play with. I love owl, have I told you that? They used to be a symbol for death, sadness, tristesse (Hironymous Bosch paintings) but then they transformed and now they are all about kindness and wisdom. They can look through the darkness too. You are sad but you are safe! Little Paula

  3. Hi little Ellen. this week i made a picture of an owl to give to my T and that helped cheer me up because she said it is gorgeous. do you like to draw? maybe you could make a picture too and help you feel better? if i could see you i would be your friend and play with you. i don't like you feel lonely. Love from pan.

  4. Hi Ellen, it sounds like things are tough for you at the moment. Is there anyone else inside who can help you take care of yourself with little things like food? It sounds like some parts just need a bit of time out, maybe you included. I know how you feel. I hope it passes soon.CP.S I see a mini me has befriended your child part. I hope that's OK with you.

  5. Ellen said:

    @ JBR – thank you. :-)Hi Erin, You like red and owls also? Me too. Thank you for writing to me. your friend, EllenHi little Paula, I would like someone to play with also. Your friend Ellen@ Paula – Wow, I didn't know that about owls. I also have a hammered hanging for my wall of three owls on a branch with a moon over top. I'm very glad to know they symbolize kindness and wisdom. take careHi Pan, I sometimes draw but I'm not a good drawer because I don't know why. But I use lots of colours. Maybe I will draw later on. You are lucky you can draw an owl. I would like to play with you too. But you are in the computer so I can't. Your friend Ellen@ Candycan – I once showed Ron some drawings the kid did but he seemed a little freaked out because they were such young drawings. So I won't do that but I'm glad your T appreciates Pan's drawings. It would be great if my parts worked like that – taking over when I can't manage. My situation isn't really like that. If only they could make themselves useful :-). Though having them onside with a project makes that project go a whole lot better. For instance if the kid wants some kind of dish, she will be enthusiastic about cooking, which makes cooking so much easier. Thanks you for caring. P.S. The kid loves talking to Pan. aka mini me.

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