Kid adult collaboration

I feel…sad that things are so difficult, but glad I am here. Today was an OK day. It was terrible to get up though, because I only got a few hours sleep and I was depressed. I lay back down after eating my toast. It often helps just to breathe and allow the feelings, then they lighten enough that I can get up.

I got to work on time! Good for my self-esteem, though it doesn’t matter too much as my boss is away. Still, I want to be there on time.

There was a meeting and it was a little stressful but not too bad. I talked a lot but it was OK. I got mad but it was still OK. I didn’t want sentences in the whole template, but the PM did, for no good reason, so now we have complete sentences, and it is stupid, but I’ll live. Doesn’t matter that much.

Then I got along OK with V,  I didn’t tell him what to do, much, just a little. He doesn’t listen anyway. But we chatted and it was OK. And there was ice cream at work for free, as a treat. And I put on chocolate sauce and also sprinkles and took it out to eat in the sun. So delicious.

And when I got home I didn’t lie down, I read my book on my balcony and looked at my tree. I finally got my lounge chair from the livingroom and spread it out on my balcony and it is comfortable! So so comfortable. So I spread myself out and read my mystery novel.

And then Ron replied to my email, which he’d wanted me to send him, and it was nice he replied.

I also got in a walk with my iPod, so I’ll stay healthy. It was already getting dark, but it was nice and cool also, so it was fine. And, I cooked a vegetable, fresh peas with butter, so I’ll also be healthy. And now I am posting.

So things turned out OK even though they started gloomy. Good night.

  1. gniz said:

    Wonderful description of your day, Ellen.Still reading!Aaron

  2. I am glad things turned out good for you dear one. Blessings.

  3. Ellen said:

    Hi gniz – glad you enjoyed it. I think the kid voices are quite creative really. :-)Thanks for blessings JBR.

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