I have been trying to feel. I did some crayon art, which in my case is pretty basic, mostly words in different colours, but it is satisfying still.

Then I wrote some pomes. I am not a poet, but I am trying to feel my way with words. These are two I wrote, in case you need a pome today. About the struggle to feel.

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Bad Mother with a Bad Kid
Sad like a bad mother with a bad kid
Who is not a good kid at all today
She is crying
Why does she cry like that she shouldn’t be crying
Crying is a bad thing very bad
She should not cry she should be a good girl
Good girls get candy and smiles
They get good things because they are good and
They do not cry unless
Someone chops off their arms or maybe someone dies
Then you can cry but not
For things like
Being sad because
People hurt you
No one hurt you you are fine


Sometimes I feel sad about it
A small sad lump
For being hit and no one being nice
Sadness and painfulness
A lump of pain and sorrow
Black as mascara blackest black
Hard as nail polish set for hours
Softening hurts me
Like thumbs thawing in my wet mitten after building a fort
Oh so painful so sore so much better numb
No one gets a choice unless
You stay out in the snow forever
Oh so painful and hurtful
It will be better soon
Let’s have some hot chocolate and soon we will forget the thumb, the redness, the hurting
The sadness the sorrow the hurt feelings about it all
Why is it OK to hit me when I should not hit or yell or say too much
Why is it fine
It’s not so fine
It’s not so OK so great so excellent
  1. Wow! These are so poignant and touching. I feel so much for that little girl. You have expressed her feelings so well. I think you ought to take her to therapy and leave big ELLEN at home. Just tell Ron that little Ellen will be there the whole session and let him deal wth it. Pay him first so you don't have to go back to being big Ellen at the end.Little Ellen has a lot to say. Love ya. Flannery

  2. I agree with Flannery. These poems are very expressive. ((HUGS))to the little one and to you. Take care.

  3. Ellen said:

    @ Flannery – I might do that Flannery. Thanks for the kind words. hugs to you@ Interruption – Glad you like them…And hugs to you also

  4. Powerful words on paper Ellen. Safe hugs to you dear one.

  5. Those are really good, Ellen. I especially like this line: "No one gets a choice unlessYou stay out in the snow forever"There's so much power and expression in those words. – Mike

  6. Ellen said:

    @ UH – Thanks for the compliment Mike. Interesting those lines spoke to you especially….@ Paula – Thank you. I liked your post, and yes, it's similar. take care

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