Tomorrow I have therapy. This therapy is a lot gentler than the one I tried in the fall. This therapist does not encourage any memories or flashback type experiences. She says maybe ‘in two hundred years’ we’ll get to looking at some of these things. I’m not sure I have two hundred years, but it’s nice to know I won’t go for therapy, pay my money, and feel like crap afterwards. I feel like crap enough outside of therapy as it is.

But then the question arises – so what are we doing here? Which of course I put to her. So first on the agenda is safety and skills. Ms T used to be a massage therapist, and now is a big believer in energy modalities, which are Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and something else whose name I can’t remember.

She says these techniques are based on accupunture points and have been used for hundreds of years. OK, leeches were used to ‘purify the blood’ for hundreds of years also, and that turned out not to be so great.

However, I’ll try this stuff. We did a technique using head pressure and three points on my forehead, and I did feel some relief after trying it.

But I was supposed to buy a book about EFT, which I didn’t get to yet. Then  I was going to practice the forehead technique, and haven’t done that yet either. I’d say there’s quite a bit of resistance to this approach. It seems kind of crazy actually.

She is good as a sounding board I guess, as I have no one to tell about the symptoms I have, so it makes me feel less crazy. But there’s not a lot of digging around in my past – she really wants to get to these techniques, and most of the time I feel too stressed out, by the time I get to her office at the end of a long day, to pay attention and learn anything new.

She is quite accepting, which is a good quality. She does not know much about social anxiety, but then, I didn’t pick her for that. However, that’s what I suffer from every day at work. It would be nice if she knew what to do about it. She just feels if I am overall in a better mood, putting out better energy, people will start to like me. But that will be a long process unfortunately.

Well, I got more sleep last night, and while I’m still really tired from the night before, I’m hoping tonight I will sleep OK, just waking up once, and will have a more rested approach to the work day.

  1. svasti said:

    From what I understand, EFT is related to kinesiology. And it also has similarities to the EMDR therapy that really helped me kick PTSD.Kinesiology also helped me a lot in the early stages of dealing with PTSD but I couldn't afford to keep seeing the woman I was going to at the time.The best thing about these types of therapy are that you actually don't have to talk about the events that caused the trauma in order to heal.Good luck with your therapist! I hope it all works out 🙂

  2. Ellen said:

    Hi Svasti! I didn't know it was related to kinesiology. I'm thinking it's gentler than EMDR, as EMDR has not helped me at all – it consistently makes me feel worse, though I know you have had great success with it, and many others also. Yep, it's all pricey. The problem with my kind of memories is I can't clearly remember them, in the usual way. Maybe that's why EMDR doesn't work for me. Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated. I bet it'll all help me in the end. I hope you're doing well.

  3. Paula said:

    I appreciate the holistic approach and EFT is part of it. I doubt that for myself ONLY that would have worked for me. Particularly as I couldnt remember certain years of my life. hence EMDR didnt help me either. Yet if you ahve flasbacks EMDR is great. As far as I understood NOT talking about details works only if you have flasbacks and the details are "present" having "black holes2 in one's life it is different. You may learn skills and learn about your resources, creating a tool box for yourself when in need – it does helped me greatly. Yet I did talk about symptoms and past. Having said that it is easy to talk for me this way as the entire trauma therapy is paid by our Federal health system. For myself I wouldnt go for these techniques alone. But that are my 2cents only. Hope it works for you. Hugs across the pond

  4. L said:

    …all the best with thearpy Ellen.

  5. Ellen said:

    @Paula – Thanks Paula. I don't know, I have flashbacks but without details, so maybe that's why the EMDR didn't help. I just don't know.I've bought the book now and am learning the tapping, so we'll see. Last session, we did talk about my childhood, so it may go deeper than I thought. Hugs…though perhaps you are already on your pilgrimage!@L Thanks very much L

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