Sweet honey

Today I listened to a friend’s problems for a long time, without mentioning my own. It felt kind of good to do that, to be supportive and not needy myself. This friend’s problems dwarf my own actually. They are physical more than emotional, and financial, and on top of everything a nasty tax situation. So I listened for a time, and gave my views, which are not so important really. I think the main thing was to listen. I think he needs to pay his taxes, he thinks he can avoid this, but whatever. He’s in a situation that is not good, and there’s nothing much to be done.

There’s such a lot of difficulty in this world. I often wish  could help. I can’t really, but I can avoid doing more harm. And I can be there if anyone needs me.

Have you heard the group Sweet Honey on the Rock? Some of their songs really move me.

  1. Susan said:

    Beautiful, Ellen; just beautiful, peaceful…thank you for sharing that 🙂 And…you may have missed it but I did a post recently thanking all of my online friends for being a part of my life this past year. You many not be aware of it but I am grateful to know you and that you visit now and then and that I can visit you here. Virtual hugs:)

  2. Ellen said:

    Glad you liked it Susan. I found myself loving this yesterday especially for whatever reason.I am also very happy to know you Susan! It's amazing to have virtual blogging friends who care about what I post for some strange reason 🙂 and I enjoy keeping up with you also. Virtual hugs to you.

  3. Em said:

    sometimes thats all people want to be listened too, no comments, just an ear. i think i need to learn to keep quiet more instead of getting that nervousness to put in my own opinion. xxx

  4. Paula said:

    Ellen, is makes me feel peaceful, relaxed. And most of the time a person doesnt need anything but being HEARD. Love from my heart to yours

  5. Ellen said:

    @Em – I bet you're a real good listener Em – you give that impression. It's true – a listening ear and quiet mouth are a good combo. @Paula – Glad you enjoyed the song Paula! Virtual tans-atlantic hugs to you.

  6. Nechtan said:

    Hi Ellen,It is a good and kind act. So many people don't have an outlet and must keep it bottled up which isn't good for them. That is what I find so good about blogging. I was blogging a year or more before my current blog and posted nearly every day without a single reply. But I kept doing it not for the advice but just to get it out of head.To have a human ear is even better and to get any kind of feed back or reassurance is great too. But just to get it out in any form whether its to a person, to a blog or even to a diary is therapuetic. I am sure your friend really appreciated it.All the bestNechtan

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