Some ayurveda and a bit of TV

I’m going to experiment with writing just a tiny post since it’s a work day. Too bad I can’t post from work, but that’s a complete no no. Unless I had a phone with internet, which I don’t. Just a low-tech basic cell with no features.

I’m focusing on staying alert through the work day, unlike in the past, and then calming down enough to actually get a decent night’s sleep. It’s difficult for me to calm down in fact. I so easily go into this blank non-feeling state when stressed.

I’m reading a very interesting book about Ayurveda and depression. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic healing method. For depression, they divide it up into three different kinds – airy (anxious), burning (angry/anxious) and earthy (deeply sad and sluggish). The treatment for each kind is different. I really respect that they divide up depression, because it always seems to me that people’s experience of depression is quite different. Only I can’t quite decide which one I am. Not that I’m massively depressed or anything, but I do suffer from that to some extent.

The thing I am implementing from the book so far is the yogic breathing for anxiety. There are various breathing methods, and I like the ‘three-part breathing’ and the ‘victory breath’. And I’m just too tired to explain them, but they are helping me.

The other thing I’m experimenting with is slowing down at meals. I tend to read or do other things while eating. Ayurveda says appreciating food, really tasting and enjoying it, helps you actually digest it by getting your digestive juices flowing properly. Your body can’t use all those good nutrients if it’s not digesting well. So I’m doing that as well.

You’re also supposed to sip warm water with spices – I do the warm water part. Still need to acquire the spices.

And tonight I just finished watching a BBC series I got from the library called Sensitive Skin. A lovely series. Half-hour episodes, so watching two after work just suits. It’s about an older woman (fifties) trying to rebuild her life, and just has that British sense of style. Also humorous and off-beat. Wow. British TV is better than ours I’d say.

  1. svasti said:

    Good for you on experimenting with Ayurveda! Can I ask the name of the book you're reading?Ayurveda is so interesting and has many practical ideas that can contribute to a healthy mind and body. Look forward to reading more of your findings 🙂

  2. John said:

    Ayurveda is the most popular holistic forms of medicine that has originated in India, and is now rapidly spreading around the world. Ayurveda is a combination of two Sanskrit words, ayus meaning ‘life’ and veda meaning ‘knowledge’. Hence, Ayurveda literally means ‘the knowledge of life’.nintendo ds r4 revolution

  3. Em said:

    hi ellenits good you recognize that you need calming after work, something you can focus on. i would try anything that works. do you get that buzzing feeling afterwards like your still alert and awake? i get like that. have you tried having a soak in the bath? i only say because i used to soak for an hour or soak, putting a warm flannel on my face and try to forget things. sometimes it worked.good luck with workxxx

  4. Nechtan said:

    Hi Ellen,I'm glad those words gave you encouragement the other day at work- that did make my day. I have never heard of Ayurveda but it sounds interesting. It must have a look at that to see if I can find any help in there- not having a great time at the moment. I've been reading so much in the past week on all sorts from Deepak Chopra to "The Secret". All in the hope of finding some spiritual help or at least a new approach so a new suggestion for me is a new avenue to walk down.I see what you mean about the eating. I am a speed eater. On one hand I have to eat my food before it cools but on the other hand I see it as a chore- I know it shouldn't be. So come meal time I race through it which can't be good. Maybe I should start to take more time with my food too.Glad all is going well and you are continually finding ways to adjust to your new life. It is good to know all is well.All the bestNechtan

  5. Ellen said:

    @svasti – Welcome to my blog svasti and thanks for the comment. Ayurveda seems to have strong links to yoga, as they're from the same tradition, culture, era or something like that. And some of it is easy to implement too. The book is from the library – Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way, by Liebler and Moss. It's good – easy to read and lots of info. I just skip the parts where it's trying to link Ayurveda to modern physics, as I think that's just silly. @John – Welcome and thanks for the comment. I didn't know that about the meaning of 'ayurveda'.@Em – Thanks Em. I am having baths at night now, mainly so it speeds up my mornings, and they are kind of relaxing. I'll have to try the flannel on face idea 🙂 Keeping the mind peaceful is definitely a goal too. @Nechtan – Sorry to hear you're not doing so well at the moment. You are a very encouraging individual, that's for sure. It's a strength you possess and it's so helpful, I'll bet to more than just myself. About eating – I tend to have digestive issues, which are probably related to anxiety, and after reading this book, I can see I haven't been allowing my body to digest. Even pausing to smell the food, and then slowing down to taste it and enjoy the pleasure, is very beneficial I find. The great thing is, it's very easy to do, and there are many opportunities to practice, if I forget at times, which I do. I think I need to lower my anxiety in general, so my baseline is calmer. It's one way to help do that.Hope you find something soon in your reading that's helpful Nechtan.

  6. Ayurveda is has been practiced safely and effectively in India for the past 4,000 years. It must work otherwise Ayurveda would not have survived this long. It is holistic science that emphasizes prevention. It is also a lifestyle science as it incorporates in a daily lifestyle plan herbs, diet, exercise, and more.Here is a website I have found information that is easy to understand.–z–Learn-about.aspxTake their Dosha test, it is fun. Then once you know your Dosha you design a plan that includes herbs, diet, etc. It has helped me. product I take everyday is Nature’s Formulary Chyawanprash. It is tasty and really helps my energy level and immune system

  7. Ellen said:

    Hi Broadband,Thanks for the info! I will take that dosha test, as I had trouble figuring out which I was from the description in the book. I always think I'm everything…

  8. Hello there,I stumbled across your blog from your comment on Scott's STUCK IN THE SAND Blog. My husband has combat PTSD and TBI. I would love for him to consider Ayurveda, but I already know without asking that he would not be receptive to the idea :-(However, that doesn't have to stop me from researching and looking into it. Maybe if I have some possible helpful solutions he may be open to talking about it. I am enjoying reading your posts and getting up to speed. Regards.

  9. Ellen said:

    Hi Story,Thanks for stopping by! It must be quite difficult to have a spouse with PTSD issues. Lucky him that you care so much! I find men are often less interested in alternative health than women. I guess you could always try ayurveda yourself and see if it helps, thus leading by example. 🙂 Cheers

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