Aches, pains and lamentations

Flu flu flu. Tired tired tired. I continue to be exhausted. This flu is not getting any better at all. If it is a flu and not something more serious. You start to wonder, after weeks and weeks of this weakness and aches. I’m spending a lot of time resting. I do go out for a walk every day. Today I went on my usual route, and felt like I barely made it back. There’s a slight uphill incline on the road back, and it just seemed to difficult. Usually, I don’t even notice that.

A few days ago, I finally went for acupuncture, as my friend had a similar flu, and said acupuncture helped her a lot. So far it’s done nothing, except that my feet are warmer! I got into bed one night and noticed my feet were absolutely toasty, which is unusual. Probably the treatment boosted my circulation. My friend had three treatments, so maybe just one doesn’t do anything. Who knows. I may go again next week, though cost is a concern. I’ve quite therapy temporarily to balance out the cost of the treatments.

I’m also off to the doctor Monday. Really, I’m starting to wonder what on earth is wrong. I’m also having a kind of mild pain going down the side of my leg, with my foot aching. Is it related? Who the heck knows.

I have promised some friends to cook a Christmas dinner, and am wondering if I can do it with this fluey feeling. I know a number of people who are alone in the city and will have nowhere to go for xmas unless I host. I would like to do it if I possibly can.

So far I have not made any xmas preparations. I need to get and decorate a tree, clean, and buy a few things for my son. I do have all of next week to do this, if only I could quickly get well.

And my therapist thinks I should not be stopping therapy, as the work we are doing builds momentum, and interrupting is harmful. But besides the money issue, I feel I cannot open anything emotional up before Christmas. Now is the time for denial and coping, if ever. I can cry after the holiday it seems to me.

And it is my mother’s birthday today, and I am supposed to meet the family in a restaurant. I think I will beg off sick, but go over for cake afterward. 

  1. gniz said:

    Sorry to hear things are a bit rough right now. Seems to be a very tough year for so many people.I was also sick for much, much longer than seemed reasonable. maybe thats just how bad the flu is this season?I'm sure you will come out of it soon!

  2. alice said:

    hope you start to feel better soon. im sure a visit to the docs, maybe some bloods taken will do the trick. tell us how you get to cooking dinner, thats so sweet of you. maybe you could ask a few of the people before they come could they help you out if you still feel rough? im sure if your hosting they will help. get well soon. xxx

  3. Nechtan said:

    Hi Ellen, I hope all went well today (I think (I got that right but get mixed up with time zones). Shortly after my first daughter was born I got the flu and was off work for 4 weeks. Even when I went back I still didn't feel much better and it was a shock to me because the longest I'd ever had it before then was 48 hours. I wasn't the only one and can't help feeling some of these bugs nowadays linger a lot longer than they used to. I can relate to the confused line between real illness and symptoms of other problems. In the past I've blogged about this a few times. I still cannot differentiate between my anxiety symptoms and one that may be viral.Anyway I hope you are feeling better and improve on the run up to Christmas.All the bestNechtan

  4. diver said:

    Hi Ellen. Down here last winter there were supposedly 15 different flu strains floating around. My youngest daughter (who was very run down from her constant struggle with OCD) just seemed to pick up one after the other – buggered immune system or something from all the stress, I suppose. You're sounding rather similar. Anyway, I do hope you free yourself from these pesky bugs by xmas Ellen 🙂

  5. Ellen said:

    Thanks everyone for your kind wishes – much appreciated. @Gniz – Yeah, it is, thanks. I think it is just a long lasting flu.@Alice – I have asked people to bring things, so all I have to do is the capon, potatoes and beans. Should be OK. The doc thinks it's just post viral fatigue, but it could last for months she said. Thanks Alice.@Nechtan – Thank you. You did get the day exactly right, and I got your kind message just as I came back from the doc. You're right, it's just a very long flu, she thinks. Good to know you've had similar, and I'm not a freak of nature :-)@diver – I think you're dead on there diver. My stress level has been high so probably suppressed my immune system, as with your daughter. I'm not better yet, but at least I am not dying either :-)I wish my excellent and supportive commenters a merry christmas or happy holiday – i have not been about to comment, but still reading everyone's blogs. May we all be happy or at least find some rest and peace in the next few days.

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