Easy weekend

I have been watching quite a few movies on TV this weekend. This is not the sort of person I wish to be. I have a very good novel waiting for me, for one thing. I wish to be the sort of woman who reads long and complex novels in the evenings, and never touches the TV except when utterly exhausted from terribly difficult work.

Well, I am not that woman. This morning, I tuned into Bridget Jones Diary, which I liked the first time I saw it in the theatre. Bridget is likeable – ditzy but good hearted. Well, kind of annoying after a while. What does Colim Firth (sp?), international rights lawyer, see in old Bridget, admin assistant with ADD?

The movie cheered me up though. I feel like I need light and cheerful things.

I met two friends for lunch – we had coupons for 15 dollars off each, hurray. So I spent about seven more including tip for a full meal at a nice place. We then walked around the city for a bit – the Santa Claus parade was just finishing, so we milled about with hundreds of small screaming toddlers and their frazzled parents.

We saw the Christmas windows, went to a few stores, and then home. I have decided it is more fun to meet with friends than to go to events with strangers. Though I will persevere with the events, because I wish to become comfortable with more people.

I am also enjoying just goofing off with friends that I like but don’t share a lot in common with. So no intense discussions of films or therapy or art – just bumming around, laughing at jokes. That is most relaxing. I used to have only intense types of friendships, but I no longer seek those out. It’s hard to have fun while being intense. And my intense friendships are prone to explosions ending the friendship.

Yesterday I met another friend, E, at a tiny middle-eastern tea shop. I sipped Blood of Pigeon tea and had a really nice confection – kind of shortbread with walnuts and honey in the middle. No real blood is involved – it’s a most delicious tea, a blend of mint and something else, reddish, and they sweeten the tea for you.

E. has just taken a big step and bought a house on her own. She’s worried she has done the wrong thing, so I tried to be encouraging. To me this seems like a really good move for her. She has a secure well-paying job, and is very responsible and steady. The house is small and includes an apartment to help pay the mortgage. Good for her I say. I am somewhat envious. Can’t wait to see it.

Another friend, P, told me last week that she was having severe anxiety attacks, but hadn’t told me at the time because I am ‘fragile’. I was kind of offended. Really, if you want understanding and knowledgeable advice about anxiety, talk to a mental patient. Not that I am exactly a ‘mental patient’, but I have my troubles, and I’ve educated myself about things ‘mental’.

To be fair, I wouldn’t go to P. with emotional turmoil either, because she can be pretty harsh about matters of feeling. So why feel hurt when she goes everywhere but to me with her trouble…It does go both ways. Perhaps she also feels I am harsh. Or just a mental basket case who shouldn’t be stressed…Who cares. Well, this is a very old friend and an example of previous more intense types of friendships. Not working so well.

I ended my Sunday by watching Hugh Grant in About a Boy, a movie I really like. I don’t think I’d ever seen the whole thing before. Grant has such a silly hair style, and lives in a ridiculous condo, and is not that likeable…He does unlikeable really well, while I find him insufferable as a romantic lead.

And in the commercials, I finally got out the dreaded vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the couch and small rug. And swiffered my floors. And watered the poor bedraggled plant. And found the camera manual so I could download my pics from the last three months. The instructions for downloading are a little complex and I always forget them in between. I’m glad I watched the movie and finally vacuumed my place. And finally downloaded my pics.

Tomorrow a friend is coming to help me re-install my OS. That should hopefully fix my computer issues. Yes, things are looking up.

Pic:  Taken in the park last weekend

  1. diver said:

    Hmm, good question, what does that Colin Firth see in the ditzy ms Jones? Perhaps he sees an unpretentious but lonely damsel up for a-rescuing? A lotta men are still quite chivalrous and/or repressed like that don't you think?I enjoyed your thoughts about friendship. They got me thinking about how I don't have any friends that I can 'just goof off with'. Now I'm wondering if I'm missing something? Maybe not. I do notice how much I struggle through happy banter these days, just seem to have a socialising span of about 5 minutes with even close friends. They no sooner arrive than I'm secretly wishing they'd go home so I can get back to my art and solitude. C'est la agoraphobia I guess.Neat post Ellen, you had me smiling and visualising at regular intervals 🙂

  2. Ellen said:

    Yes, she has the emotion, he has cool reason…and she sure needs rescuing. Sigh. Why do I watch these things?Does agoraphobia affect banter? I guess if it's taking place away from home…I also struggle with banter sometimes, but at times I enjoy, especially if we've walking outside and not stuck at a table indoors. I think if banter is a struggle, it's not worth it. It has no value in itself unless participants are enjoying themselves. Thanks for the kind comment Diver.

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