I realized there is beauty even in the dark when I found this image of the aurora borealis or Northern lights. A good thing for me to keep in mind while energy is low.

Discouragement. Majorly discouraged about job hunting. It seems pretty likely now that I did not get the contract I interviewed for.

The interview was not terrible. The interviewer was personable and talkative, and actually knew the project he was hiring for, which is not a given at all. One problem I ran into was that the job description I had did not match the actual project he is hiring for. The project was documenting some database functionality for developers, so they could build a new one incorporating all the existing functions.

But the job description was very generic – looking for plain language, ability to write to different audiences, both online and print – it sounded like I was writing for end-user employees. So I brought as a sample my work for end-users. This is the kind of work I usually do. However I have also written for system administrators, so if I’d known, at least I’d have brought in the right samples.

I did feel comfortable in my suit – a small but important point.

I think I actually came across as someone with good social skills but not enough technical skills. In fact, it’s usually the opposite – I don’t have trouble figuring out the technology – it’s the people skills that sometimes pose a problem for me.

Well, it’s only one interview and I should not be discouraged. You never know with interviews.

This morning I went to the library and worked more on the system in my book, Get Hired Now. I downloaded the worksheets and started filling them out.

One goal of having this system is to have a concrete plan for each day’s job search. That’s a good idea for me, as I try a little of this, a little of that and then give up, unfortunately.

The book says you should focus on just a few areas of job searching at a time, and keep pursuing these areas for 28 days before changing the plan. Then you get results because of ‘persistence effect’. Voodoo magic – but the authors claim they have seen it work over and over again.

You choose from various menus and sub-menus of activities to plan your month. I charged ahead, but ended up misreading something and completing the sheet incorrectly. At which point I gave up in frustration.

No, actually, I’m just taking a breather and will return to it tomorrow.

My area of effort is ‘Generating contacts and leads’ and part of that is attending events, like I did on the weekend.

In other news, I learned a sad thing yesterday. My former psychiatrist passed away. I tried to get a prescription renewed, and his phone had been disconnected, so I looked him up and he had passed away. I don’t think he was even 60.

Even though I was angry with him and he did misdiagnose me, I know he was trying to help. I did have many appointments with him about nine years ago, and got to know him well.

May he rest in peace.

So now I will need to be med free, unless I find another psych. I don’t take a lot of medication, only a small amount in emergencies, but it’s awfully helpful when I need it.

Art: Canadian Association of Aboriginal Entrepreneurship

  1. Nechtan said:

    Hi Ellen,Regardless of the outcome the interview will have some valued experience for you but I do still hope there is a positive outcome. I think on the next one you have a better idea of what areas to work on and which areas are fine- though you were not helped with the description being wrong. That happened to me at least once before and I found it very awkward.Sorry to hear about your psychiatrist too. Its never easy when someone who was part of your, however large or small, passes.All the bestNechtan

  2. Ellen said:

    Hi Nechtan,Well, you never know. Plus the hiring manager is now a contact, who I could keep following up with in the future I suppose.Thanks – it was a bit of a shock, even though we were not close. Poor man. Take care

  3. alice said:

    hi ellenperhaps put the interview down to experience, at least you went and surprised yourself with peopel skills. thats a good thing. im sure work wise something is waiting for you and has your name on it.how do you go about finding yourself another psych? its such a different system in the us to the uk. hope you get over the shock, i think when i learn something like that has happened it can feel like a physical jolt to the system. xxx

  4. Ellen said:

    Hi Alice,Well the recruiter contacted me today and I'm to go back for another interview. So I guess I was too pessimistic. Yes, it was exactly like a physical jolt, that is a good description. To find a new psych, the official route is to go to your family doctor. I won't do that, because she is my entire family's doctor, and I don't want to explain anything. I have a few contacts in mental health now after trying to get help for several months, so I might contact one of them. It is a lot easier to get assessed for meds than to get therapy. It's easier for them to do. Thanks Alice, i've got my fingers crossed!

  5. Hi, Ellen -As painful as it is to go through this kind of stuff, there is good in it . . . It can be a time where you become very clear about what is most important to you.My thoughts are with you!- Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

  6. Ellen said:

    Thanks for the encouragement Marie. That's true – I am clear that I am more than my job, in any case. So that's a good thing. Cheers

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