Job hunting

I have been re-thinking my job-hunting approach. Well, for the last two days anyway. I got a book out of the library, which has a kind of complicated plan for getting work. One big tip though which comes through throughout is that to get work, you need to know people. If you don’t know people, start meeting them.

The book basically advises not to bother with ads in papers or internet. This has not been my only approach, but it’s been a big part of it. And for all the ads I’ve answered in the last two months, how many responses have I received? None.

So that seems to be correct – ads are not getting me anywhere. The purpose they serve though is to make me believe I’m doing something. If I stop answering ads, what chance do I have? How can I believe I am trying?

It is a relief though to give up on ads. Because sending out resumes in this pathetically futile way is beyond depressing and hopeless. I need to focus on something that might help me.

Well, not sure what that is to tell the truth. But I signed up for a bunch of networking groups today, and also a hiking group and signed up for a movie outing. At least I’ll be out meeting people.

Though who knows if when it comes down to it, I’ll be able to make myself go? I hope I will go. I need to picture going out to events as a good and positive thing where I may have fun, and at worst, nothing dangerous will happen. I will be fine, even if I don’t have fun.

Tomorrow I have an interview which I got through a recruiter. It’s for a company I’ve worked for before, though I don’t know the interviewer. All they have to do is walk along the floor and ask my former managers what they think….

Today I was depressed from therapy. No EMDR but we talked about my family which believe me, is very depressing. I am maybe grieving that I never had a family who loved me. But this is grown-up stuff – I’m not full of the emotions that a child would have felt. It’s quite different – not as overwhelming. It’s me the grown-up who had a difficult time as a child.

But I did not prepare for the interview. I just didn’t care much. I do desperately want work, but couldn’t overcome the depression enough to prepare for this interview. Though I am trying to visualize it positively, as a good conversation, with a pleasant person who is pleased to meet me.

I think the best I can do is to try and cheer up enough to seem like a normal person with some social skills. At least I bought the suit, so I don’t have to worry about what to wear. Maybe I’ll take along one manual I’ve written, instead of dragging in a portfolio. They haven’t asked to see writing samples anyway, so one will do. I can see to that in the morning.

In this very large company, being personable is huge – they are very big on conveying professionalism and being able to seamlessly fit in. Never seem different or in any way abrasive. So being in a good friendly mood is big.

A lot will depend on who interviews me – I bet all the candidates will be qualified, so it will come down to who the guy wants. Most likely.

Anyway my plan for the future is to go to more events and meet people. Of course it costs money to go out, so if I truly run out of money, I won’t be able to continue. But I figure it may be a good investment to keep going out. With  a few business cards tucked in my wallet just in case.

I did get my last job because I knew a developer, met at a support group of all things. But I figure I’ll have an even better chance if I hang out with more functional type people at regular events. I’ll pretend to be normal and functional. Maybe it’ll take.

  1. Nechtan said:

    Hi Ellen,Good luck with the interview. Hopefully working there before will work in your favour.I agree with knowing peopl to get jobs. In fact the last 3 I've had have been through people I knew. Its more so the case when you are friends with people in the same line of work. Thinking on it I've only had two jobs where I applied through ads- and had tons of no replies, failed interviews and rejections.It is also good just to be widening your social circle. That will be the biggest benefit of all.All the bestNechtan

  2. Mary said:

    Thanks Nechtan. It's really helpful to hear your experiences too. Still, two ads through jobs is something. Come to think of it, I also have landed two jobs through ads previously. The interview wasn't terrible but not wonderful either. They hadn't posted a correct job description, so the actual job turns out to be different than I was prepared to talk to. I could still do it, but probably am not the 'perfect' person.Yeah, widening the social circle – always good.BTW have changed my blog name but it's still me.Cheers

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