Nun magic

Broken Brain – Brilliant Mind is a blog where BB writes quite fascinatingly about dealing with TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD. I don’t suffer from TBI, but still find it interesting how BB adapts to his challenges in getting his brain to help him and not hinder. I similarly find life a challenge with my brain doing wild and crazy things which hinder me from accomplishing the great things I would otherwise do.  Ahem.

In a recent post, Does Blogging Make Me Brilliant?, BB discusses a study that suggests that yes, blogging is quite possibly increasing the amount of neuronal connections in our brains. Isn’t that a nice thing to contemplate? By considering our lives in print (OK in cyberspace), we may be not only becoming smarter but also more likely to move into old age with all of our wits intact.

The impetus for this is The Nun Study, a study of a group of nuns in the States who live longer and more actively than the general population. One of the habits the good nuns have is to keep a daily spiritual journal. It is hypothesized that this activity actually increases the number of connections in the brain.

When the nuns were autopsied, the doctors were surprised to find that some had lesions and damage from strokes and even damage from Alzheimers that would be expected to cause them to lose mental alertness. However, in life, the nuns had remained fully alert and active.

So keeping a journal or blog is likely good for our health. Of course, the type of blog may be an issue. Keeping a celebrity sitings blog or recipe blog may not do the trick. The nuns were engaged in honest self-examination on a daily basis. So the tortured, or rambling, or seemingly self-absorbed blogs may all be beneficial, as long as they are an honest attempt to detail our experiences. Likely literary quality does not matter. To your neurons. Maybe to your readers.

Do head over to BB’s blog for more details and more explanation.

Detailing our lives and problems may seem self-indulgent sometimes. But it may be that this is an activity that is mentally and physically very beneficial. So keep blogging everyone. You’re doing a good thing.

Art: Piero Della Francesca, Augustinian Nun

  1. Nechtan said:

    Hi Ellen,I will have a look at that blog post you have posted as it sounds interesting. It is amazing how many things happen in life outside of the understood scientific boundaries.All the bestNechtan

  2. Ellen said:

    Hi Nechtan,We've been leaving comments for each other at the exact same time I think. How cool is that? Your message popped up just as I published a comment on yours.You won't regret checking out BB's blog I think. Cheers, Ellen

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