I purchase a suit

A massive thunderstorm is shaking the sky here. Clashes of thunder roar and lightening is flashing on and off. The sky is a strange greenish grey. I’m feeling rather on edge at the moment so the weather is matching my mood pretty well.

I went out and bought interview clothes today. I think they were needed – my only suit is years old and out of fashion. But I wish I had been more self-possessed today at the store. I am not certain about what looks good and what doesn’t, so I basically put myself at the sales girl’s mercy. If she says it looks good, I think it does also, and the deal is done.

I bought a dress with a very subdued check pattern, black and grey, stretchy but somehow tailored to camouflage the wrong bumps. Then a black blazer, stretchy, for over top. And a cashmere cardigan, also black, for more casual meetings.

This will set me back over $500 dollars. I do have it, but it’s one more expense when no money is coming in. I am considering taking back the cardigan to knock $100 off the bill.

I was tempted to add colour, following my own taste. However, according to the salesgirl, the look I chose was the most professional. Apparently colour means you’re not serious.

The good part of all this is that I may be more confident in going to interviews. I do contracts, so I have to go to a lot of interviews over a year or two. I do not interview particularly well, so I figure at least I can look the part of the successful contractor.

The girl did push me into the most expensive option – I ended up with two tops (blazer as well as cardigan) and a more costly dress instead of a skirt. It did seem to me to look the best, but who knows. Probably a basic suit would have been ok.

Well, I’ve been putting off this purchase for a while, now at least I have something. So I’ll be ready if anyone business-like asks to meet with me.

I ended up with massive anxiety after the big purchase, large shopping bag in hand. I just don’t have much money. But, on the other hand, I tell myself, it’s an investment in order to allow me to earn some. It’s not party clothes.

I took myself to an outdoor cafe for a chai latte and watched the very well-dressed world go by. The store I went to is in the fancy part of the city with a lot of very well-heeled women walking about with high heels, big bags and small dogs.

I’m just calming down now at home. I’ve hung up the clothes on my bedroom door and am having another look. They look sober and serious all right. They are quite nice really. My business-self on a hanger.

Art: Venetian Women, Albrecht Duerer, from Wikimedia Commons

  1. Ellen:When I've been between contracts and running low on cash I've always made a decent interview suit a priority – something 'designer' and in fashion.If nothing else wearing smart clothes makes me feel good and that comes across at the interview.But dressing well at interview also helps to show that you can do the job – after all if you couldn't you'd only be able to afford a cheap suit!

  2. Nechtan said:

    Hi Ellen,Its another positve step towards employment and as Mike said above it will help your confidence when you attend your next interview. When that next contract comes along I'm sure it will turn out to be a wise investment.All the bestNechtan

  3. Ellen said:

    Thank you Mike and Nechtan. Now with the perspective of a day later the cost doesn't seem so bad. I think the clothes will boost my confidence, so they may end up paying for themselves. Thanks for the comments.

  4. alice said:

    hi ellenthats a good way to look at it, that the clothes will pay for themselves.i think you did a good thing, as mike says it will give you confidence, and that will come across.tell us how things go.good luckx

  5. Ellen said:

    Thanks Alice. Right now I feel like I'll never have another interview, but that's negative thinking. I'll blog about any interview with the new suit. Cheers

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