Being social

No way, I am not a layabout. How could you say such mean and cruel things about me? OMG, I do so much stuff…

Thursday afternoon I walked over to my local rep cinema and watched a Japanese movie called Departures. I’d recommend this one – a light-hearted take on the funeral industry. Kind of.

Friday I drove down to the beach, went for a long walk along the boardwalk, and read my sci-fi novel in the shade. In the evening, I met three friends for a beer and then went on to an outdoors symphony concert down by the lake. I felt fairly confident at the ‘beer drinking’ part, even though I don’t know two of the women that well.

Saturday I went for Tibetan brunch with a friend. We sat out on a patio and ate eggs, flat-bread, curried chick peas and potato and drank cups of sweet spicy chai. Yum. In the evening I was invited for dinner at my ex-husband’s. Another good meal.

Sunday I went to the socially anxious picnic. Very hot and humid, but there was a breeze. I feel almost comfortable with this group – about as comfortable as I’m going to get at the moment. There are some there who will talk a lot, others who will not say a word unless you ask them questions. I did a bit of question-asking, but mostly talked to the talkative people. When I got home I realized that I should have made more of an effort with the really quiet people – it’s so easy to overlook people who make you work hard to talk with them. I used to be like that myself, so I know they don’t do it on purpose.

And besides all that, I have sent my resume in response to two ads.

Phew. I am an active participant in life. Or something.

Art: A Creative Journey with Karen Winters, Picnic under the Oaks

  1. I'm glad to hear that you're keeping socially active Ellen. I can see things are getting better for you. Keep up the momentum and keep improving. All the best, bb.

  2. Nechtan said:

    Hi Ellen,Sounds like a great time and really varied- brunch must have been lovely. I've sure inside you were not as at peace as you would like but that with hopefully come and you are giving that the best chance.All the bestNechtan

  3. Ellen said:

    Hi Nechtan,Brunch was good. In Canada, the summer is short, so I'm trying to remember to sit out on patios whenever possible… Cheers Ellen

  4. Susan said:

    So happy to hear that you are out and about, Ellen!

  5. Ellen said:

    Yeah, thanks, it's a good thing Susan.

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