1. Sitting on an outdoor patio with my Earl Grey tea, reading Shambhalla Sun, with a breeze coming up from the lake and smelling like summer.

2. An omlette with pieces of prociutto – delicious.

3. Talking on the phone with my new gay friend who is a poet and laughing together.

4. Taking a swinging walk through my neighbourhood listening to music on my new ipod.

5. Laughing with the woman sitting beside me at my women’s group because she got what I was trying to say, silly as it was, even if the group leader didn’t.

6. Trying out a new cafe and liking my decaf Americano.

Art: Louise Lauzon, A bird, a dog

  1. Nechtan said:

    Hi Ellen,Happiness indeed. I have to agree about Earl Grey. A few years ago my inlaws gave me a cup because they had run out of tea bags and I don't drink coffee. I find it very relaxing and love to drink in a cup while reading a book relaxing.All the bestNechtan

  2. alice said:

    hi ellenthe smell of the summer breeze, couldnt agree with you more. makes you feel warm and safe, in the moment nothing to fear.x

  3. Ellen said:

    Thanks Nechtan and Alice…@Nechtan – Hope you've enjoyed a few cups of EG since then also…@Alice – Warm and safe – i like that – we have to notice those moments…

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