Meditation group

I got there in plenty of time again, this time hanging out in a park until five minutes before the start, which was more comfortable for me.

I enjoyed the group this time. We practiced ‘noting’ – you watch the thoughts that go through the mind without following them, but noting whether they are thought, sound, memory, planning…I’m not sure about the categories to use, but the instruction is that it doesn’t much matter. This is insight meditation, where you become more acquainted with your own mind.

I got this great comment on a previous meditation post from Mike to the effect that no one knows what’s going on in your head in meditation. I had some concerns about too much meditation not being good for me. So this time, when I felt I’d had enough, I stopped meditating! It was very relaxing and peaceful, sitting there without following my breath, just drifting. It’s good to realize I can stop meditating at any point without anyone being the wiser, as I know best how long of a meditation is beneficial for me.

We started with a visualization that I find beneficial – visualizing golden energy traveling from my feet to all the parts of the body in turn. Good for anchoring (alright, grounding).

During the standing meditation, I felt a lot of the anger that had been triggered during the day course through me. I just kind of noticed it and let it be.

The dharma talk was a little disjointed. One of the themes was making meditation practice a priority, and the teacher said he had been giving a meditation talk on the weekend, then came down with a bad ear infection, but still found time to sit for several hours each day. Unfortunately, that meant he was an hour late for work, didn’t do a report that was due, and had no time to prepare the dharma talk!

On resistance to meditation practice – I don’t think it’s really true or that people truly believe there is not enough time. As the teacher pointed out, there is time for TV, internet, etc. etc. These are really excuses. There’s just a resistance to facing ourselves I think. Or to doing something perceived as difficult or unrewarding. Once you see some rewards, it’s a lot easier to find the time.

I like the peaceful energy in the room during practice. It’s important for me to allow myself to soak in that and not put too much pressure on myself to meditate the whole time. I need to focus on positive things and allow them to penetrate. Everyone in that room is there because of stress and sorrows I bet – it’s good to feel connected to everyone, even though I don’t know them, and wish them well.

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  1. hey.. between meditation and social activities you have had an amazing few days!!!!!! i am bursting with excitement for you :-)S

  2. Ellen said:

    Yep, it's been busy in a good way. Thanks Happy. Cheers

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