Gym diary 2

Today, Friday, went to the gym. 15 minutes on the elliptical without arms. I felt OK – no choking this time. I concentrated on my feet, breathing and my surroundings. My feet hurt a bit again – odd that I did not notice that ever. Dissociating saved me money – no need for new sneakers, since I felt no pain. Hmm…

All weights as normal. I did them very slowly, no body memories to speak of. Just on the weights I pull down from above my head – I felt some kind of choking, but very light.

Now at home I seem fine. Lucky me – no bad effects from exercise today! I wonder if that’s to do with acupuncture treatment I had yesterday. I don’t see how it can be related though. Well, I feel like a normal person for a change with no strange symptoms.

Feeling my feet firmly on the ground seems to be key. I walked back to my car quite slowly and firmly, just to ensure I was present.

One of these days, perhaps I’ll be able to exercise enough for the fabled endorphins to kick in…now that would be nice.


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