Therapy mission

I’ve been on a mission the last few months to find a group or some therapy that’s inexpensive or hopefully free. So recently, I had a very good experience with an agency.

I called an abused women’s organization and left a number on their machine about possibly finding a therapist. The message said I could expect a call back within 48 hours, which is totally reasonable and good to know.

The next morning I got a call back, before they even said they’d call. So no waiting and wondering if my message got lost, or in my case, if they didn’t like the sound of my voice and decided not to call me back 🙂 .

I talked to a woman for about fifteen minutes just generally about what they offer and what my options are. They offer free therapy, but their waiting list is actually full at the moment, but she said they will be hiring another person, I should try back again.

Then they have various groups, one of which is ‘open’, so she signed me up for that. It’s not a therapy group, but more of a cross between and information group and support. I thought I might as well check that out.

Then they also have a mindfulness group, for which there is a waiting list, but I’m on that waiting list now.

Altogether this woman was extremely nice and open. Not a trace of condescension throughout the call either. She just treated me like a competent human being looking for information. Which I am. I have been so condescended to by the medical system that this was such a pleasant contrast to that.

So far, I’m appreciating the lower key, ‘unofficial’ type organizations a lot more than our massive health care monster. Treating people who happen to be suffering as exactly that, people who happen to be suffering, not as ‘other’, is so helpful.

I’m starting to wonder if anyone with any resources at all actually uses the paid-for mental health services offered here, or if they simply go right to private therapy. The doctor-driven care seems so busy handing out band-aids that really don’t help.

Art: Louise Lauzon, Red.

  1. Ellen! This sounds wonderful! Though I'm in the U.S., our mental health system is HORRENDOUS also. People get STUCK in it. Really.A women's center seems so perfect — much more holistic, open minded, and yes, sensitive.And you won't find people there who don't bother to ask about what actually happened to you.

  2. Ellen said:

    Thanks Christine. People in Canada also seem to get stuck in the system, in a medicated no man's land of not well enough to have a good life but not sick enough to be locked away. They're being 'maintained'.I'm lucky in that I am not in crisis, where choice becomes very difficult, I can stand up to authority, and I can do my own research and come to my own conclusions. A lot of my fellow mental health 'seekers' are not so lucky.Thanks for the comment.

  3. SA D. said:

    Hi Eleen,That's wonderful news! Glad to hear you're finding something that might be helpful. I tried going through my doctor to get a psychologist or psychiatrist covered under OHIP and in the end it was a giant waste of my time. One psych' wasn't willing to talk to me until I tried medication first. His prescription to me was based on a 15 minute consultation, without really having a clue what my problem was or who I was. Needless to say, I passed on the meds. Anyway, glad to hear you're on the road to finding quality help. D.

  4. Ellen said:

    Dave, you're still here! Nice to hear from you – your blog has been quiet.Yeah, this place seems good but their therapists are all booked up, so I'd have to try again in the fall.Don't give up on looking for therapy if you need it. Yeah, I've found psychs don't like me much if I'm not willing to be medicated.There are other options, but it takes searching. I actually got a really helpful list of services from the SAD support group. Take care,Ellen

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