Things I have done this week to combat SA

A good way to overcome social anxiety is to be more social. And a good way to evade depression is also to be more social and to do more. So, combining the two:

1. Sunday I went to my first book club meetup. Phew, I’d managed to read the book in time! Interesting discussion in a pub – 20 women and 1 man who hadn’t read the book. What does that tell ya? Well, we won’t go there…So I said a few sentences about what I thought of the book and made one more comment. Great feeling afterwards as I had conquered my fear and attended. Effectiveness: 4/5

2. Tuesday I checked out a meditation group I would like to join.
This didn’t go as planned, as I couldn’t find parking and was one minute late. They lock the doors on the dot of the starting time – so no meditation group for me. BUT – I went for a glass of wine with three other latecomers, and we had an excellent discussion of meditation and other things….Very smart women go to meditation groups it seems. Effectiveness rating: 5/5

3. Wednesday I went to my SA group. I got frustrated because almost no one was willing to talk besides myself and the facilitators. But I enjoyed going out for coffee afterwards. At least I was social. Effectiveness: 2/5

4. Friday I went to a ‘coffee meetup for introverts’. No way I would have gone except I offered to drive a friend there and he showed up expecting to go. So no chickening out. It was kind of difficult to start socializing with such a random group of people with no common topic. But I talked a little, and what the heck. It was difficult for me, but I did it. Effectiveness: 3/5

A productive week on the socializing front then. Interesting that the least effective step I took was going to a group that’s supposed to help with the problem of social anxiety. But probably, going to that group for a while has enabled me to go on to more challenging groups.

  1. SA D. said:

    Wow, that’s one heck of a productive week! You deserve a great big pat on the back for the effort. Good for you. My best friend started his holidays this weekend. Two weeks off. He’s interested in getting out and seeing the city, as am I, so I’ll probably have some good stories to come. Today we walked all over the Toronto Islands. What a trip. Took tons of photos. I’m really beginning to enjoy photography. Very satisfying. Take care and enjoy your Sunday,Dave

  2. Ellen said:

    Thanks for the encouragement Dave. It means a lot from a fellow SA sufferer!Your outing sounds lovely – the Islands are one of my favorite places.Cheers

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