Another down day. I went to the gym again, as I can’t believe it can be bad for me, and again feel like I was run over by a truck or something. And it’s not because I overdid it either – 12 minutes of cardio, a few minutes of weights.

I’m going to look into some kind of treatment for PTSD, as that may be what I’m dealing with. A recommended treatment for PTSD is EMDR – eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. I went to a psychologist a few years ago and we gave that a try. However, I felt I couldn’t afford to go very often, and only saw her for a few months. The upshot was, it put me into quite a depression. So I am wary of it.

EMDR involves remembering a traumatic event while you watch a light flashing in one eye then the other. It can also be done with sounds in alternating ears or with vibrating things in either hand. The idea is your brain can finally process memories and deal with them in a way it couldn’t at the time of the trauma. Then those memories stop re-appearing in the form of flashbacks or intrusive thoughts.

I dunno.

It put me into a depression. But I know we weren’t finished with the treatment – perhaps I left too soon? Or it’s not for me.

I’m not up to describing treatment options tonight, though that’s what I wanted to post about. Just in case you need this info, a great resource on PTSD including treatments is here:
Parasites of the Mind, Michele’s blog.

Catch you later.


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