Talkin’ bout our…medication

I’ve noticed as I’ve sat in support groups over the years, about half the time people are talking about medications – brands, dosages, side-effects, what the doctor said…. It almost seems like a substitute for talking about feelings and real life. Is it safer to discuss dosages than depressions?

It’s certainly less personal. The brain is out there, it’s doing weird things, but it’s nothing to do with me. The doctor, the medication, the diagnosis… life? What’s my life got to do with anything. How I feel? The doctor says I’m doing better now I’m on this dose.

So this past week, someone said, not ‘I’ve been feeling sadder than ever this week…’ or even ‘I’m mad as hell at this thing that happened…’ but ‘I’ve been having medication issues. I know this because I’ve been crying a lot and my place is getting messy again. My doctor is going to increase the dose.’

I want to hear how you feel, I want to say. Not what your doctor says. Your life. Not the expert opinion. I can relate to pain, to anger, to heartbreak. I just can’t relate to serotonin at all.

  1. Susan said:

    I've just recently found your blog and have been perusing your posts. I am thrilled to find another with similar experiences and ideas about how folks are medicated as a solution to their feelings. Yes and yes! I agree with what you say here and in your post about your former psychiatrist. It IS possible to get over whatever it is that makes us feel down, scared…tears are meant to be a sign that something is going on with us…not something to be medicated away and avoided.

  2. Ellen said:

    Exactly. It is so easy to start seeing ourselves mechanically, instead of as living beings that MAKE SENSE.Have you checked out the Beyond Meds blog Susan? Gianna has a huge archive of info on healing without medication, and a feisty attitude to psychiatry. Not PTSD specific, but still relevant.

  3. Susan said:

    thanks for the suggestion, Ellen! I did take a gander over there at beyone meds…did you know it has moved to wordpress as bipolarblast? anyway…it looks like a good place to spend some time…huge amount of reading available there!

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