Acupuncture helps

I’ve had some difficulties with acupuncture in the past but today I went for a session and I feel really pretty good. I was having a bad few days this week, just struggling to put in my four hours of work. I always want to lie down and have a nap instead. And I’ve had plenty of sleep. The usual bleak depression.

So I went for acupuncture. Because it’s stressed me out in the past, I wasn’t totally into it. The therapist did something to my spine and I actually cried out in pain, and felt, man, I already feel like crap, and here I am, in for more pain? Great. (Sample of my destructive inner dialog at work.) So I moaned and complained and told him I need to just heal a little bit for today, not too much, not too strong.

And he paid me the least amount of attention ever – just a few needles. I probably discouraged him. While lying there, I was to visualize sun shining through my head and toxins leaving through my feet, which I dutifully did.

Getting home, instead of the wave of exhaustion I’ve experienced after acupuncture in the past, what do you know, I feel kind of calm. I do another hour’s work with no huge problem. I even cook a stir fry (lots of vegetables, the therapist insists). Now I’m writing a post. I’m so impressed with myself. I don’t feel high, but just like things are OK and I have some energy.

My body is sensitive and I believe I need very small doses of things. Possibly if my psychiatrist had allowed that it might be possible for a smaller than usual dose of med to help me, I would have been able to tolerate them better. Who cares though. With psych meds, you don’t actually heal. I have hope that I can actually heal this thing through other non-toxic treatments.

So I recommend acupuncture for depression. Some of the time. If your depression is like mine. Actually, we have to try these things out for ourselves. There is no one size fits all solution.

  1. Emma said:

    You’re so right that there’s no “one size fits all solution” and everyone needs to gently find what is healing to them.I am kind of interested in acupuncture, but I have never tried it. It sounds like it’s starting to be helpful to you. Good for you for giving it another try and asserting your needs! 🙂

  2. I so appreciate your last sentence! Dealing with depression people get really pendantic sometimes about “their way.”I’ve been thinking about accupuncture too. Thanks for the info. And like Emma said, kudos to you for asserting yourself. (maybe that’s why it worked so well today? that you intuitively knew something he didn’t and thus by getting a gentler treatment, it went deeper?)

  3. Ellen said:

    Thanks Emma for stopping by and for the encouragement! If you give accupuncture a try, hope you blog about it – I’d love to know your experience. Ellen

  4. Ellen said:

    Thanks Kavindra. Yeah, when dealing with depression, the last thing you want to hear is what you must do. Depressions and people vary so much. As to the treatment going deeper, I don’t know. I thought it was shallower and slower, so I wasn’t overwhelmed by intensity. I haven’t been able to find much explanation of how acupuncture actually works in any way that makes sense to me, so I’m in the dark basicaly. Cheers

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