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I’ve come down with a huge case of hay fever in the spring. I usually don’t suffer from allergies at this time of the year – they hit me in the fall. But Tuesday after a work out at the gym my nose started running and by Wednesday I could barely move around – eyes and nose streaming, stuffed head, etc. I thought it was a cold, but after no change by Thursday, I tried some antihistamines and have felt substantially better. Still not great, but better.

It seems to me the work out had something to do with my getting this huge allergy attack. It’s like the stress of it weakens my defenses and bam! I’m sick. I know this is not supposed to work this way – work outs are supposed to lower your stress. But somehow I don’t recover properly from working out. I’m convinced I have some kind of deficiency. The stress rebound molecule is missing in my system.

Going to the doctor is basically useless for stuff like this. I’d have to go to a naturopath. And I don’t feel like I can afford it. Why do regular doctors not know anything about deficiencies that are not disease producing? You have to be dying of scurvy before they recommend vitamin C. They’ll go in and do heart surgery, but they won’t advise you on diet when that could still do some good.

When I went to a naturopath two years ago, she said my adrenal system was low or malfunctioning or something. Maybe that is still the problem.

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