Needle magic and other things

This is a scrabbly udpate kind of a post.

1. I went for accupuncture on Thursday afternoon. I told the accupuncture person my problem was depression, so she said for that, I need ‘bio-feedback’ and accupuncture. Okey dokey I say. She hooked me up to a laptop with some wires around head, wrist, ankles. Then a diagnostic scan, then some kind of therapeutic ‘bio-wave’ adjusting (huh?), which felt lovely actually. My legs got all warm and relaxed. Then some needles (in my head, yikes!) and relaxing to flutey Chinese music. Then some herbs to take home.

Well, I feel a whole lot better! Despite my total skeptic alert at the mention of ‘bio-waves’. This shit is working it seems. Who knows if it’s the needles, herbs or dreaded bio-waves. Something is making me feel better – lighter, a little hopeful. I’m no longer dwelling on the awful points of everyone I know, which is a symptom of my depression.

2. I got my new second-hand bike from the bike store where it was having a tune-up. Lovely ride home. It’s a hybrid, which means a city bike for cruising. I’m a city girl, so it’s perfect.

3. Mr. Wrong sent me an email wishing me a happy Persian new year, which I deleted. No contact. Yay for me.

4. I went to the Gardiner ceramic museum last night with an arts meetup group. Amazing renaissance designs on plates. They were figurative designs telling stories from mythology / Bible. Astonishing. I love things that tell little stories – like a reminder of the good part of childhood.

5. My intention is to bike down to the gym and sign myself up today. Let’s see if I do it!

  1. Hello, Ellen –I stopped by to thank you for your comment on my blog, and lost myself here for quite a while. I’ll certainly be back.The biofeedback thing in conjunction with acupuncture can be really amazing — I’m unable to tolerate the intensity of it, myself, but it’s miraculous when it does work. Don’t second-guess it; if you think you feel better, you probably do!

  2. Ellen said:

    Thank you David for your visit! I am interested to hear that you have heard of this method of healing, and maybe even tried it yourself. I hadn’t heard of bio-feedback with acupuncture before and so I was kind of skeptical. It’s good to know they offer this somewhere else in the world besides the rickety little office where I received my treatment. I’ll take your advice and continue to be optimistic about it. Cheers!

  3. Hi theregood to hear you are in good form!!I will check out that treatment you had.i had reiki done a few weeks ago.. I was a total sceptic about it but I have got to say it was extremely effective. I was buzzing for days afterwards.Also very glad to hear about you deleting that email.. bet you still feel good about that. Well done!

  4. Ellen said:

    HI Happy,I have never tried Reiki, so I’ll keep that in mind for the future perhaps. Glad to hear it helps you. There are so many approaches out there to choose from. Deleting the email was quite hard, so thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

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