Rage and sorrow

Sorrow is continuing amok. Mr. Wrong and I got back together and now split up again within the course of a week. I cannot stop myself from sending him abusive emails. All the sorrow hurt and rage of the last two years on again, off again relationship seem to be pouring out of me. And he is an avoider, so does not respond to any of them. Leaving me free to be as outraged and insulting as I wish – I know he won’t be able to resist reading them, and he will not retaliate.

Well, what can you reply when someone calls you an a**hole? Unless you insult them back. And he is above that of course.

I need to get it together here. But also – I must ensure he doesn’t call me in two weeks and beg to be ‘friends’. If I insult him enough, this won’t happen.

Voula took me out for a pint to get me away from the computer and phone temptations! I had a very nice apricot wheat beer and some sweet potato fries. A little grease, alcohol and sympathy do help quite a bit.

  1. Hi EllenI want to send him abusive emails too! But you know it’s probably feeding his ego anyway. Write abusive comments on our new blog instead.. when I ever get round to setting it up!!

  2. I don’t know if my last post got through to you. Just in case it did.. i have reconsidered. We won’t post abusive comments about our ‘dates’ on our blog.. we’ll have a ‘Women of a Certain Age Rise Above It’ section.

  3. Ellen said:

    Happy, you did make me laugh! Yes, sign me up for ‘Women of a Certain Age Rise Above It’ section. Today I’m again able to rise above things. 🙂

  4. YEAY @ able to rise above things!!!We’ll stay up there on the high moral ground together!

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