Please future self – try

A quick post so I remember how this relationship makes me feel.

I’ve missed Mr. Wrong all weekend. Yesterday, Valentine’s, I tactfully left him alone. Today he was busy all day. I miss him so much. It really really hurts. But I am not a girlfriend. Also, even if I was, he would still be largely unavailable. He ‘courts’ me if I withdraw, tells me how much he likes me, then disappears.

As long as I hang out with him, I will continue to suffer. Not that suffering is always bad. But…this kind of suffering doesn’t get me anywhere. It just keeps on going.

Love is not enough. If a person does not wish to be close, they won’t be. I must must must break off this ‘friendship’. I do not feel like a friend in any case. I’m not made that way, that I can stop loving and now ‘be friends’.

The idea is – endure the pain of losing this person. Then heal. The move on. It’s a simple enough idea. I need to try and implement this. Please, future self. Try.

  1. I just came over to check your blog out and this post really stood me on my heels. I could have written it myself. Your blog is brilliant and the pics are beautiful. I’ll be here visiting regularly.Thanks

  2. I tried to post this comment before. If you have two versions, I am sorry.I came over to check your blog. It’s brilliant and the pictures are beautiful.This post in particular stood me on my heels .. I could have written it myself! I know you’ll get through this .. as I am (slowly).I will be visiting you regularly. Thank you for your blog

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